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😕 What is UWE Harvard Referencing?

UWE Harvard Referencing is a version of Harvard referencing created by the faculty at the University of the West of England. There are many different ways to do Harvard referencing, and the UWE variation is used by students studying at the UWE.

For other ways to do Harvard referencing, including ways that are specific to other universities, see our list of Harvard referencing versions.

🍏 How is the UWE style different to other Harvard styles?

The UWE style is actually very similar to all other styles of the author-date Harvard system, including the published Cite Them Right style widely regarded to be the mainstream variation. The key differentiator is that the article access date is surrounded by square brackets, whereas other versions of Harvard use angle brackets or round brackets.

A more comprehensive guide can be found on the UWE's website here:

⚙️ How do I use MyBib's UWE Referencing Generator?

Our generator can create perfect UWE Harvard references and in-text citations quickly and automatically. Here's how:

  1. Enter the URL, book title, or article title into the search bar at the top of the page and press the search button.
  2. Choose the most relevant result from the list of search results.
  3. Our generator will automatically locate the source details and format them in the UWE Harvard format. You can make further changes if required.
  4. Then either copy the formatted reference directly into your reference list by clicking the 'copy' button, or save it to your MyBib account for later.